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Take an exciting deep sea fishing trip from the comfort of your own home! The flash game Deep Sea Fishing is one of the best free fishing games to come along in a while. It’s simple to play, but it’s also very addictive. You may find yourself spending hours playing this exciting game. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

In the game, you’re a fisherman skimming the surface of the ocean in a boat. You’re able to move the boat left and right across the entire width of the screen. Lower your fishing line down into the depths of the ocean and do your best to snag a fish. Once you let your hook come back up towards the surface, there’s no stopping it. The hook will continue to rise until it reaches the surface. Once it gets all the way to the top you can lower the line again. The more fish you catch, the higher your score will be.

There are some keys to setting a high score in this game. To start, you’re given two minutes of time to catch as many fish as you can. The timer can be seen towards the top left corner of the screen. Every time you catch a shark, not only will you get points, you will also get 20 seconds added on to your game clock.

In general, the bigger the fish, the bigger the score. Any time there is a shark on the screen, you should be trying to hook it. Avoid the boots and the octopuses, as they give you no points and are a waste of time. Be sure you’re ready to hook a fish, as once the line starts rising there is no going back. This game is a blast, and it can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Deep Sea Fishing Game Controls

  • Left-click – lower the hook.
  • Release left-click – raise the hook to make a catch.
  • Move mouse left/right – move the boat in the corresponding direction.
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