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Bass Fishing Pro is the game of choice for anyone who loves spending time trying to catch fish, but doesn’t want to deal with the hassles of packing up the equipment, finding a fishing spot, dealing with mosquitoes or the other problems that come with real fishing. It is a relaxing flash game with simple controls, easy to follow rules and a tournament-like setting.

The rules of the game are simple: catch the fish required at the beginning before the time runs out and before running out of gas. The number of fish and type of bass will vary depending on the level. As the level increases, the difficulty level will change by requiring more fish to be caught or beating a faster clock.

Bass Fishing Pro is a single player game, so it is not the best option when looking for fishing games to play with friends or to challenge a computer. The main goal is beating the clock that gradually reduces as levels increase.

The controls are simple to use and easy to understand. Players navigate the pond with the arrow keys on the keyboard. This will place the boat in any preferred location and allow players to move the hook by moving the boat as fish swim by below. The down arrow will gradually lower the hook into the water. Let go of the arrow to bring the hook back up. If the hook hit’s the bottom or catches a fish, it will automatically begin reeling in.

The only way to catch the fish is getting the hook into the mouth of the fish. Move the hook directly in front of the fish and it will automatically catch the fish. Get ready to prove your natural fishing skills by playing this simple game.

Bass Fishing Pro Game Controls

  • Up arrow – raise the line (if option is available).
  • Down arrow – lower the line.
  • Left/right arrow – move boat.
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