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Fishing Champion approaches the fishing game genre with more of an arcade approach compared to the simulation themed games you often see. While this doesn’t allow for the same sense of relaxation you’ll get from the more realistic fishing games online, it does make for a much more fun, fast-paced game.

The idea is to cast your line and then reel it in just enough to lure the fish you can see below the surface of the water. This active, engaging approach to fishing is a lot of fun and is really not so much about waiting and watching as it is about actually grabbing fish right out of the water.

Anyone who’s been on a long fishing trip knows that it can be relaxing or boring depending on how you’re feeling that day. With Fishing Champion, you’ll experience only the fun part. No waiting, no sitting in a boat for hours on end, just casting and catching.

The point-based fish are very video-gamey in appearance, but in a fun way. You can get double point bonuses for certain fish and they get little red halos around them when they’re lured, so you know when your technique is working.

While far from realistic, Fishing Champion offers a lot of fun for anyone looking for a fast paced, addictive fishing game.

Fishing Champion Game Controls

  • Aim cast – move your mouse to aim your cast.
  • Cast line – left-click, hold and release to cast. Holding the click longer increases the casting power.
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