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Fishing Frenzy is one of the most simple yet addictive of fishing games online. Hold down the mouse button to adjust the force of your cast (which can be seen on the power bar), and release to cast your hook wherever the mouse it pointing! Reel it in again simply by holding down the mouse button.

Fish are drawn to a moving bobber, but watch out! Move it once they’ve taken a nibble, and they’ll get spooked! But don’t wait too long; a fish will nibble one to five times before it takes a bite; once it pulls the bobber below the water, you have only a split second to set the hook by clicking the mouse!

Once the hook is set, you have to real the fish in. Do this by clicking the mouse button just quickly enough to keep the arrow in the middle of the balance bar; click to fast and it will go too far right, too slow and it will go too far left.

Big fish are worth more points than smaller ones, so try for those. But the more you catch the better, so it’s not always wise to turn up a smaller fish for a chance at a larger one… but don’t let the little ones tie up your hook for too long when there are bigger fish to fry!

Fish nearer to you take less time to reel in, so you can get your hook back in the water faster. Fish further away can be lured closer before they bite, but if you let the hook get too far ahead they’ll lose interest.

Fishing Frenzy Game Controls

  • Cast line – left-click, hold for power and release button to cast.
  • Reel in line – left-click and hold to reel in your line.
  • Set/reel in catch – left-click once the bobber is pulled under and click repeatedly to balance the arrow in the middle of the bar and make a catch.
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