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Fishing Trip may seem like an easy flash game to distract you while you are at work or school, but this truly stands out among fishing games. Easy enough for kids to enjoy but also has enough to test the mettle of an adult; this game is a race against the clock to see if you can catch several fish in a row.

In “Campaign Mode” you can buy several items, including increased rod strength and increased line length in order to catch crabs and several other hard to tame fish. By giving you the ability to buy extra add-ons, the game turns into one of strategy.

The trick is passing the fourth round. This is when the game becomes slightly more difficult because your objective is to catch a certain amount of fish, but the catch is it has to be the same type and consecutively. Be careful because if you do not pay close attention you will inadvertently attempt to reel in a large fish, one that you will not be able to catch, and you will waste precious time in doing so. This is why it is important to have your rod, line, boat and fisherman equipped with the best items before going to the later rounds.

The way to get a head start is by catching as many fish as you can in the first few rounds without completing the levels. This means you should catch all the different varieties before settling on consecutively catching a single species. This will help you earn more money faster. The more money you have the more things you are able to buy and equip. By the time you get to the later rounds you will be well prepared.

Fishing Trip Game Controls

  • Left-click – cast line
  • Move mouse – Position boat
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