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Aching to appease your appetite for an angling adventure? Well, anchors aweigh! In Freddy’s Fishing Fun you take control of Freddy and fish up the highest score you can, aiming to pull in the designated fish at each level before the time limit expires in order to advance. You can also find treasure and items to increase your score!

Move your mouse left and right to steer Freddy, and press the left mouse button to lower your lure, releasing to raise it back again. You can grab multiple fish and items on your hook at once, aiming for the indicated target fish and grabbing treasure with each foray into the deep will maximize your score. But look out, because if you snag a piece of garbage you will lose what’s on your line!

Occasionally clams and treasure chests will appear, and when they open you can snag the gems inside for huge bonus points, these appear at the very bottom of the sea floor, though, so be careful on your way back up, and don’t get greedy, just like real fishing patience is a must! Catch the designated fish as many times as indicated at the start of the level and you will continue onto the next stage, with each new area increasing in challenge – and fun!

Unlike most online fishing games, Freddy’s Fishing Fun offers a challenging, arcade-like experience that is engaging and addicting fun for the whole family, whether your are an angling expert or fresh out of the kiddie pool. So what are you waiting for? Come on over and fish up some fun, with Freddy’s Fishing Fun!

Freddy’s Fishing Fun Game Controls

  • Left-click – lower line.
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