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Just Go Fishing is simple in concept: hop in your boat, pick an area in the water and start fishing! The real challenge in this one lies in the game controls, which can be someone difficult to get the hang of. This is what makes the game unique and stand out from other fishing games, though.

The controls and motions may seem clunky, but they will make sense once you figure them out. Practice throwing your line and reeling it in a little bit and you’ll figure them out.

Once you’ve got the controls down, you’re ready to catch some fish. Follow the underwater shadows to get an idea of the best spots to try. When a fish takes your bait, reel it in and you’ll be shown its weight. Submit your score and see if you caught one big enough to make the catch of the day, week, month or even all-time!

Just Go Fishing Game Controls

  • Move boat – left-click on the water to move the boat to the selected area.
  • Cast – move your mouse to pull the fisherman’s arm back, left-click, hold, quickly move your mouse forward while release your click to cast your line.
  • Reel in – left-click, hold and make a circular motion around the reel icon that appears to reel in your line.
  • Draw lines – move your mouse up and down to draw lines in the water.
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