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Take a relaxing freshwater fishing trip without leaving your desk! Sit down today and play Lake Fishing. Lake Fishing is one of the original flash fishing games. It may be a little simpler than some of the newer versions, but it is still a lot of fun.

The game offers the choice of four lakeside spots for anglers to cast for fish. Every one of the four spots has the option of fishing during the day or sunrise/sunset. It seems that the evening fishing is a little better.

Simply choose which spot you wish to cast your line, and then reel it in. You should start reeling your line in right away, as you may have to wait a long time if you just let it sit there. While you are reeling the line in, the word “FISH” will appear in big white letters. This is a signal to you that you need to put tension on the line. This is done by moving the reel left or right with the mouse. The line’s appearance will show you how much tension is on it. The fatter the line, the higher the tension is on it.

While you are reeling the line in, there is a bar present on the right side of the screen. When it turns red you will know there is a fish on the line, and then you will need to tension on the line so that it doesn’t slip the hook.

When you successfully reel in a fish, the screen will show you a picture of your trophy. It will also list its weight in grams and its length in centimeters. The bigger the fish you catch, the higher the score you get.

Explore all the lakeside locations and enjoy the quiet relaxation that this game has to offer.

Lake Fishing Game Controls

  • Left-click (single) – determine where you cast your line.
  • Left-click (hold down) – reel in the line.
  • Move mouse left or right – move the line around to keep tension on it.
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