Lake Fishing 2

Lake Fishing 2 Game Description

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Lake Fishing 2 is the second game in the Lake Fishing series of online fishing games. Players start by left clicking on a white flag along the edge of a lake to choose a fishing spot. They are then taken to a first person view which is dominated by a fishing pole. Players can select “Menu” on the top menu to go back to the map screen at any time.

Drag your mouse to the left to move the pole to the left and move the mouse to the right to move the pole to the right. Green arrows appear underneath of your cursor when you can cast your bait. Left click the mouse to throw your bait into the water. Let your lure sit in the water for a few moments to wait for a fish to strike.

Wait long enough to hear a loud “ping” noise, indicating that you have caught a fish. Left click the mouse to reel in your line. Watch the power bar to the right. The line will snap if the bar gets too red. Quit reeling your line for a moment to wait for the bar to go down. Bring the fish in to see a picture of the fish, including its size and weight. The score screen on the top left indicates how many fish you have caught and gives you a scored based on the total cumulative weight of the fish you have caught.

Catch more fish to increase your score. Move to different locations periodically to increase your chances of catching fish. Each location has a different background image to help immerse you into the game. Wild life sounds, such as crickets, birds and the sound of rushing water increase the nature feel of the game.

Don’t forget to check out the original Lake Fishing game and be on the lookout for more games from the Lake Fishing series soon!

Lake Fishing 2 Game Controls

  • Left-click (tap once) – cast line.
  • Left-click (hold) – reel in your line.
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