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Lake Fishing 3 Game Description

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If you wish you were at the lake instead of cooped up at home, at school or in the office, Lake Fishing 3 can provide you with a little bit of an escape to nature that will have you feeling relaxed in no time. The game itself is quite simple. There are no gimmicks, there are no tricks, and (to be honest) it’s not even all that challenging. Essentially, you just cast your line and reel it in until you snag some big fish.

The game keeps count of the fish caught and each time you land one you can see what type it is as it’s presented very realistically. What really makes this game, though, is the feeling of really being there at the lake. The sounds of birds chirping in the atmosphere, the realistic background, the no-frills style of the game put you in that mindset like you’re really there on the lake shore, casting your line and waiting to land a big one.

So many browser games appeal to the short attention span of younger gamers. Lake Fishing 3 is one of those fishing games that allows you to just relax and take a load off for a few minutes, or an hour, when you’re getting stressed out and need to chill.

Lake Fishing 3 Game Controls

  • Cast – left-click anywhere in the water to cast your line.
  • Reel – left-click and hold the mouse button down to reel your line in.
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