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Is there anything more relaxing than a day of fishing at the lake? If you’re like many folks, the answer is no, but the seasons when you can comfortably nap at the edge of a lake drowning worms is relatively limited. Lake Fishing: Lotus Lake is brought to you by the same folks who produced the popular flash-based online fishing games like Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon and the original Lake Fishing game.

Select from six different settings on the bank of Lotus Lake, each with its own assortment of large and small fish to catch. Experiment with each of the 13 different lures available from a drop-down menu located on the upper right corner of the screen to find out which fish react best to each.

Cast your line and reel in your fish, but pay close attention to the line weight to make sure your prize catch doesn’t get away! The line tension bar on the right side of the screen goes from white to red when you’ve hooked into a monster, and you’ll have to fight to get the big ones on shore. Once you’ve landed your monster catch, the statistics tab records the species and weight. Once you’ve caught all the fish you care to, share your stats with other players to see how you rank compared to the worldwide standings.

Lake Fishing: Lotus Lake Game Controls

  • Cast line – left-click the area that you would like to cast your line to.
  • Reel in – left-click and hold to reel your line (keep line tension in mind when reeling in a catch).
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