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Try your luck fishing at one of eight different spots on the shores of the Sea Fishing island. Once you’ve chosen your spot, there’s nothing left to do but fish! Cast your line from a first-person game view and enjoy the view. While this is one of the most simplistic fishing games around, it really does a great job at simulating a real life fishing experience.

To play, simply click the area that you would like to cast your line. After casting, you can move your mouse to draw lines. Reel in your line if you want to cast in a different area or if you’ve got a bite. An alert will pop up when a fish takes your bait and you can begin trying to seal the deal.

Be careful as you real in, if you are too aggressive your line will snap and you’ll lose the fish. Pay attention to the tension meter that pops up on the right side of the game screen. If it turns red, your line is about to snap. Ease your line in and you’re sure to make the catch.

See how you stack up with other anglers on the score board and try to top ‘em. Remember, if you’re not having any luck at the spot you initially chose, you can always exit from the menu bar and switch.

Sea Fishing Game Controls

  • Left-click (once) – cast line.
  • Left-click (hold) – reel in line.
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