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Get ready to throw some fish on the barbie. Weekend Fishing: Aussie Edition is one of the most exciting fishing games to play. You get to play the role of an Australian fisherman.

You are positioned in a fishing boat. There is an overhead view of you in the boat and another man in the boat lying down. Your job is to catch as many fish as you can in the two minute game. It may sound simple, but it is actually quite challenging. It is also a whole lot of fun!

Use your mouse and the left-click button for all of the actions in the game. There are three levels of distance that the fish swim through. The bigger fish swim farther out, so it will take time to reel them in. However, the weight of the fish determines its score. The bigger fishes give you a bigger score. The key is to catch as many fish as possible in the two minute window. Sometimes there will not be any big fish far out in the water. At these times you need to catch the fish that swim closer in to the boat.

One thing to keep in mind is that the line is very slow to drift in. If you miss a fish you cast at, then the best course is to go ahead and cut your line. Also, bigger fish can break your line. Keep an eye on the tension meter on the left side of the screen. If it turns red, then you need to slow down your reeling.

Weekend Fishing Game Controls

  • Cut line – left-click, hold and move the mouse left/right over the line.
  • Cast line – left-click fisherman, hold and move mouse forward.
  • Reel in line – left-click the fisherman repeatedly.
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