Zombie Fishing

Zombie Fishing Game Description

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Who says you can’t fish your way through the zombie apocalypse? While everyone else is running in fear, you can take a stand against the walking dead while still enjoying your favorite pastime. Sure, you’ll have to improvise a bit, but fishin’ for zombies is better than nothing, right?

Zombie Fishing might not be the most complex of fishing games, but it’s not bad for some lighthearted fun. This one is more of a novelty game that’s good for a few plays and a couple of laughs – don’t take it too seriously.

After every catch, you’ll see your zombie’s weight. Submit your score and see if you can pull in a heavy one to top the leaderboards. The current world record is just under 250 lbs.

Zombie Fishing Game Controls

Reel in zombie – click the “UP” button that appears on the screen when you’ve got a zombie on the line.
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